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Richard has built and sold several online businesses (websites and media properties). Here's his history in the online M&A space:

2017 – built and sold software review content site Funnel Engine through FE International

2018 – partnered with the investor who bought the above site and we flipped it a year later on Empire Flippers for 2x (six-figure exit)

2019 – built and sold FlippingWebsites.co Facebook group and podcast (25K total downloads) to Alpha Investors and became Director of Acquisitions https://alphainvestors.com/press/ai-acquires-flippingwebsites/ – managed a 7 figure deal pipeline and helped put together the due diligence process for Investors Club

2020 – built and sold the Website Investing publication on substack (investing.substack.com) to Travis Jamison from Smash.vc and co-founded the investing.io paid community (6-figure exit). I wrote why I decided to do this on Indiehackers and the exit got covered on They Got Acquire.

2022 – Acquihire of the alts.substack.com substack publication and Discord community to Flippa https://flippa.com/blog/alts-by-flippa-alternative-investor-community/ and became Director, Investor Community

Colin is an experienced website builder, investor, and analyst, having written for Investing.io, Alts.co and The Website Flip. He is also a passionate marketer obsessed with web3/NFTs/Defi. He has his own Substack:

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A seasoned SEO veteran specializing in content websites and portfolio management. Multiple 6 figure exits.